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I've taken to carrying my Canon G11 whenever I walk around Lake Harriet.  I've photographed on occasion during those walks, and the number of moderately interesting or artistic photos has begun to add up.  So here they are.

Two collections are to be found at the very end:  "Ducks & Geese Galore" and "Mothers' Beach."

Lake Harriet Journal 1

Wind Power

People Power

Dog Power

Winter Wane Begins

First Warm Day

Winter Berries

Joy for Warmth



Strange Ice

Bandshell Benches


Lake Harriet Elf Home 1

Lake Harriet Elf Home 2

Are You Home?

Sunday by the Lake with Dog

Ice is Going

Ice is Going 2

Ice is Going 3

Lunch Break

Lunch by the Lake

Gifts for the Elves

The Flying Dutchman

First Painter

Winter Returns

First Sailboat

Winter Berries & Spring Growth 1

Winter Berries & Spring Growth 2

Lake Harriet Bandshell 1

Mode of Transportation 1

Springtime Tan

Father and Sons 1

Father and Sons 2

Mode of Tranportation 2

Missing Husband

Parking Lot

"April Showers Bring ..."
April Flowers?

Out for a Walk 1

Out for a Walk 2

Waiting for Summer

First Dock In

What is this for?

Vet Fishing

Lakeside Library


On the Beach 1


Waiting for Summer 2

Fountain Turned On

Rowing 1

Brother Goes First

Out of the Mud 1


Father and Child Missing After Biking Around Lake Harriet

Park Maintenance 1

Public Art 1

Public Art 2

Park Maintenance 2

I Want To Be Biking
When I'm His Age

On the Beach 2

Last Dock In

Hat, Bench, Music,
Sunshine, Reading

Brief Moment in Time

On Break

Grandmother / Grandson

Random Beauty 1

Mom Brigade

Taking a Break on the Dock

Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees, Alternate View

Diving for What?

Fishing in the Lake 1

Fishing in the Lake 2


Big Time Roof Repair

Waiting for the Yachts

Our Corner

Transitory Glory

Watching for Dad's Ship

Mode of Transportation 3

Gone to Seed

Water for All

Fishing Season Open

Yachts Have Arrived

Noxious Weed

Teenagers Afloat

Open for Business

Riding Rough Seas

Man & Dog A-Fishin'

Number 2,973,284,747

Cottonwood Fluff


Mode of Transportation 4

Performance Pavilion


Reading by the Lake 1

Reading by the Lake 2

Day After Memorial Day

Mode of Transportation 5

Busy Docks 1

Kids Love Ducks

Life's Essentials

Last Day of School

Reading by the Lake 3

Fishing 1

Drying Off


Busy Docks 2


Milfoil Warrior 1

Role Reversal

Fishing 2

Major Attraction 1

Nice Talk

Fishing 3

Milfoil Warrior 2

Cold Day

Milfoil Warrior 3

I See You

Mode of Transportation 6

Walking, Mowing, Biking

Mode of Transportation 7

Butterfly Collector

Minne 1

Portrait with Minne

Windy Day

Milfoil Warrior 4

Milfoil Warrior 5

Milfoil Warrior 6

Milfoil Warrior 7

Brother Fishing 1

Brother Fishing 2


Fishing 4

Fishing 5

Sailing Panorama

Vet Fishing 2

Mode of Transportation 8

Father & Son

Retriever 1

Retriever 2

Sailing Lessons 1


Reading by the Lake 4

Water Fun 1


Minne 2

Quiet Day for the Guard

Denizen Heron 1

Denizen Heron 2

Mother & Daughter

Turtle Ashore

Turtle Gone

Turtle Tries Again

Watching the Boats

Major Attraction 2

Major Attraction 3

Teens Afloat

Melange of Kids


Denizen Heron 3

Denizen Heron 4

Keeping Warm

Dad Caught a Fish

Mode of Transportation 9

Sailing Lessons 2

Water Fun 2

Water Fun 3

Taking a Break

Moms & Kids 1

Moms & Kids 2


Water Fun 4

Water Fun 5

Major Attraction 4

Major Attraction 5

Fishing 6

Summer Treat

Yacht Race



Boys & Tree

Hidden Heron

Muskrat Ramble

Is the Elf Home?

Dutiful Father

Family at the Shore

Water Play 1

Water Play 2

Sailing Lessons Over

Tempting Fate

Fishin' With Dad

Kayak Colors

Family of Three

Choppy Waters

Lost 2

Hidden Heron


Autumn Arrives

Special Day with Dad

Mothers' Beach
(A Collection)

Ducks & Geese Galore
(A Collection)


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