Santa Fe / Taos - March 2006

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Another photography workshop, this time a non-shooting affair with Joyce Tenneson at Santa Fe Photography Workshops, provided an excuse to photograph in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.  In a sense, this represented a return to my youth, since I spent the summers of 1963-66 on the staff of Philmont Scout Ranch northeast of Santa Fe, visiting Taos a couple times in that period.  That was the first time I saw sepia-toned photographs, so the several sepia tonings below are sort of a tribute to those memories.

Santa_Fe_0206_004_Duotone_small25.jpg (12604 bytes) Man in the Shadows.  Museum in Santa Fe.
Santa_Fe_0206_005_small25.jpg (12517 bytes)

Santa_Fe_0206_023_small25.jpg (18637 bytes)

Old Santa Fe railyard in Santa Fe.
Santa_Fe_0206_044_small25.jpg (14200 bytes) A Winter Without Snow.  New Mexico had been in drought, with nary a drop of precipitation, since October 2005.  The mountains, normally deep in snow, were barren.
Santa_Fe_0206_093_Duotone_small25.jpg (16935 bytes)

Santa_Fe_0206_102_Duotone_small25.jpg (9746 bytes)

Santa_Fe_0206_144_Duotone_small25.jpg (9927 bytes)

Churches, respectively:  Santuario de Chimayˇ (1816), Church of San JosÚ de Gracia in Las Trampas (ca. 1750), and First Presbyterian Church in Taos (modern).
Taos-Panorama_small25.jpg (25373 bytes) Taos Plaza, Second Story.
Santa_Fe_0206_142_small25.jpg (9764 bytes)

Santa_Fe_0206_151_small25.jpg (12989 bytes)

Two Windows and Kit Carson House, Taos.
Santa_Fe_0206_152_small25.jpg (11598 bytes) Solitary Tree, between Taos and Santa Fe.

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