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Lake Harriet is home to waterfowl nearly year-round.  Ducks may be found in the few open lake areas that are fed by warmer storm drain runoff.  Come spring, their numbers increase.  Some are transitory (loons and ducks other than mallards), others are less welcome (Canada geese), and many pair off and produce broods of young.

This gallery chronicles the waterfowl species and their families seen throughout the period from early spring until the ice arrives in early winter.

Pairing Off

Pairing Off 2

In Transit

In Transit 2

Gay Pride
(Pairing Off 3)

Not Now, Dear;
I Have a Headache

Family Outing 1

Family Outing 2

Family Outing 3

Unwelcome Immigrants 1

Family Outing 4

Family Outing 5

Family Outing 6

Unwelcome Immigrants 2

Family Outing 7

Unwelcome Immigrants 3

Unwelcome Immigrants 4

Unwelcome Immigrants 5

Unwelcome Immigrants 6

Family Outing 8

Family Outing 9

Feeding in the Weeds

Family Outing 10

Unwelcome Immigrants 7

Unwelcome Immigrants 8

Unwelcome Immigrants 9

Family Outing 11

Family Outing 12

Family Outing 13

Family Outing 14

Sole Survivor

Family Swim

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