San Juan, Puerto Rico - March 2005
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A seven-day cruise on Holland America in March 2005 took us first to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we spent a late afternoon in the old city.  A few artistic photographs originated in the El Morro Fortress (beginning here with a panorama taken from the ship as we entered the harbor).  The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; the fortress is a U.S. National Monument.  Then two other photos as we walked back to the old city.

Carib_0503_010_pan_small.jpg (12521 bytes) Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, from the entrance to San Juan harbor.  Consider it this way:  this is approximately the view as seen from the decks of the American warship entering the harbor during the Spanish-American War. 
Carib_0503_023_small.jpg (13239 bytes)

Carib_0503_024_8-bit_small.jpg (15881 bytes)

Firing Positions.  Ramparts of the fortress facing the city.
Carib_0503_029_Duotone_small.jpg (10569 bytes) Guard Tower.  Overlooking the Atlantic.
Carib_0503_031_small.jpg (15830 bytes) Chapel of Mary Magdalene.  San Juan Cemetery.
Carib_0503_033_small.jpg (16210 bytes) Spanish Barracks.  One thousand Spanish officers and enlisted men were garrisoned here in colonial times.  Now a museum.

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