Emily Josephine (Bates) Haynes

A Family History

Celebrate the life and extended family of Emily Josephine Bates, who was born in 1911, married Ellsworth Dils Haynes in 1945, was widowed in 1975, and died in 2011, in her 101st year.  This web biography presents a vast amount of information, expanding upon the bare bones of that succinct summary and detailing her and her husband's family histories dating back to the 1600s. 

Most recent additions or revisions:

3/30/2013 Our Immigrant Ancestors (And a Few Others), Volume I, The Ancestors of Bion LaMott Bates, first in my studies of my family's original immigrant ancestors, is now available.  190 pages, extensively footnoted.

LaMott George Bates's Family ** completed **, covering himself, his wife Amanda, their families other than my grandparents, and their ancestors.


Additional Famous relatives (President Grover Cleveland, Supreme Court Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, Winston Churchill, and Prince William -- yes, that Prince William)


Chester Jackson Family ** completed **, covering himself, his wife Eliza, their families other than my grandparents, and their ancestors.


Revised and expanded Jackson-Keys photo collection


New photo releases in Miscellaneous and Unknown

4/19/2012 Elsie relatives of LaMott George Bates

Here is an outline of top-level sections within [if no link is provided, the section is under construction]:

  1. Emily Josephine Bates, her parents, her siblings, their families, and her ancestors in the Bates and Jackson lines;
  2. Ellsworth Dils Haynes, his parents, his brother, his brother's family, and his ancestors in the Haynes and Kennard lines;
  3. Emily's and Ellsworth's marriage, their family and its history;
  4. A detailed genealogy;
  5. The entire corpus of photographs (some dating to the 1850s and many from the latter part of the 19th Century -- individual photos, and groups of them, will be found throughout these pages);
  6. Copies of correspondence (some dating back to the early 1800s); and
  7. Documents that show history, events, or other material not found in the foregoing.

For those interested in the discovery of these materials and how the foregoing came to be assembled, I've also created a description of the archives.

If this is of interest, you have additional information, or wish to receive larger-format image files, please write the author, Stephen Haynes at haynesmn@ix.netcom.com.