In the course of processing the fifteen or so bins and boxes brought home from mother Emily's home in August-September 2011, numerous historical artifacts were unearthed, ranging from the family-precious to the mundane.  A relatively small number were idiosyncratic and totally without context -- those have often been discarded.  The vast majority, however, clearly relate to family history in one way or another, and those have been retained, often scanned and then placed in archival sleeves for future generations to appreciate, hoping to minimize further degradation.

In addition, other members of the family, especially in Emily's generation, prepared or compiled family histories, which are also included.  (We have only one for Ellsworth's family -- the genealogy & history written by Louise (Kennard) Haynes.)

"History" includes family correspondence.  ("Correspondence" will contain the few items of really old letters found, even though they are more like historical documents.)

"History" deals almost not at all with my generation, and only minimally with Emily's.  (The exception is Emily's and Ellsworth's own chronology, presented separately.)  Emily's and Ellsworth's parents are really where the historical records begin, and due to the nature of the collected files the greater portion by far relates to Emily's forebears. 

The major History sections (subsections further divide into individual families and forebears):

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