Miscellaneous Photos

Most of these are unrelated to each other, and are found at

Miscellaneous Photos

yet a few distinct subsets should be mentioned:

  • Bion Bates and Archie Hall's canoe trip down the Au Sable River in Michigan
  • Chester and Eliza's acquaintances in Antigua, B.W.I.
  • Emily's photos taken in Boston, 1933-34
  • Emily's photos taken in Cuernavaca, Mexico, December 1944 to February 1945
  • The Aldrich family, who possibly lived in Elsie, Michigan -- E.B. and Rose (Kelley) Aldrich and their three daughters, Bessie, Bernice and Marcia, of whom we have twelve photographs but no known relationship.  We know that in 1865 the Kelley Brothers and a Mr. Johnson established a large store in Elsie. They also built a grist mill that Aaron Sickels purchased, so, if Rose was a daughter of one of those Kelleys, Rose might have been a schoolmate with Hannah Amanda Sickels (LaMott George Bates's wife; the two of them being my great grandparents), but I've been unable to get any farther solving this mystery. 
  • Photographs of various houses relevant to both sides of my family
  • A number of ancestors' gravestones
  • Photographs of the Hasty family (LaMott George Bates bought out Hasty's interest in the Elsie general store)
  • Photographs of the Allen family (Gertie (Martyn) Allen was a servant in the L.G. Bates home, and was considered nearly as close as a true relative)

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