All told, over 3,000 photographs were scanned or reproduced from a variety of sources.  Ten to twenty percent of them were duplicates, which were weeded out at the end of the process.  Now all those photographs are available in several discrete collections, with sub-collections devoted to individual families.  The larger collections are:
  1. Emily Josephine (Bates) Haynes
  2. Ellsworth Dils Haynes [to come]
  3. The Haynes family [to come]
  4. Bion & Wilma Bates (Emily's parents)
  5. The Four Siblings (Bion & Wilma's children, alone or in various combinations)
  6. The "BLB Families" (the Four Siblings' families)
  7. The Bates-Sickels families (Bion's ancestors)
  8. The Jackson-Keys families (Wilma's ancestors)
  9. The Haynes-Kennard families (Ellsworth's ancestors)
  10. Miscellaneous (photos of unrelated people and of places or things)
  11. Unknown (photos of potentially related people whose names we don't know)

I've also linked portrait-like photographs (and better candids) of specific individuals to whom I'm related directly from their entries in the genealogical database [to come].

(At the end of each image's title appears a hyphen followed by a number or description like "Bion" or "VelvetAlbum."  These designate my computer folder containing the much larger original enhanced scan, in case someone wants a printable image.)

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