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Don’t Replace It Until It Breaks

Rikki 15 Being of a mind usually not to replace something until it breaks, I only late last year replaced my old but reliable HP desktop inkjet printer with a new HP desktop laser unit.  The old inkjet had performed … Continue reading

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How to Teach Prudery: Get to Them Young

Rikki 14 Story out of Easton, Pennsylvania, of a school that tried to ban middle school students from wearing “I ♥ Boobies” bracelets — promoting breast cancer awareness — as lewd.  Well, the ACLU of Pennsylvania and parents of some … Continue reading

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On the Home Front

Rikki About time to catch up on events here on the home front. First, my studio is the cleanest it’s been in years.  That’s simply because before it was a studio, it was my younger daughter’s bedroom, and for Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Amateur Hour

Rikki 13 Fortunately for our own Tea Partier and malapropism-spewing congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, the number of idiots running for the House and Senate (seemingly, especially the Senate) this year seems to be at an all-time high.  Lots of distraction.  Normally, … Continue reading

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Still Have Stuff to Write

Rikki 20 I dearly wish to start to explore the ramifications coming out of the “shaming” episode in Burlington, VT, especially those relating to street photography, harassment by photographers, and privacy. Things are percolating, but I need some time to … Continue reading

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Rikki 3 Beautiful day here yesterday, with temps in the 60s. Walked around the lake, with half of Minneapolis, I swear. Nice to see everyone out, some even in t-shirts. Watched the first episode in HBO’s new miniseries, “The Pacific,” … Continue reading

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