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Michelle Addendum Department Reader “Fred” passed along the fact that the cop video posted a couple days ago had recorded an event from 2008.  As he says, the tardy posting and fact I had not known of the dated nature … Continue reading

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The “See Something Say Something Act”

Fun With a Mirror 3 Citizens are encouraged to spy on their neighbors and report any activity deemed inimical to the State. Sound like something from behind the former Iron Curtain? Sound like something from the archives of East Germany’s … Continue reading

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A Sure Sign

Michelle at Home Forecast of snow today notwithstanding, a sure sign that winter has fled (or is fleeing, anyway) is arrival of loons on the lake.  During my walk yesterday I saw six, one pair and four singles. Presuming some … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the Commons — Antithesis

Michelle at Home [Postings for the next few weeks may be sporadic or abbreviated.] I’ve written several times regarding “The Tragedy of the Commons.”  You may recall that is the axiom which roughly reads, “If something is owned in common, … Continue reading

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The Root of It All

Body Viewpoint From my internist: I reviewed the MRI scan and it appears that there is a nerve root that is most probably causing your symptoms. …  Now that we have something to treat, I would start with an epidural … Continue reading

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En Route

[T]he tightly inward-looking focus of traditional societies impedes their members from progressing in the modern world, for it prevents them from making bonds outside their clan. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash … Continue reading

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Why Be Good in an Ethically Neutral Universe?

Michelle In a comment to my “Evolution of Atheism” posting yesterday, Dave Levingston asked: From your perspective, why behave “well”? How can you even arrive at an idea of “good behaviour” in that system? I suspect you will be inclined … Continue reading

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Good for What Ails Ya’, Part II

Michelle This, sent along by my daughter. It’s worth watching: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-94JhLEiN0&hl=en&fs=1&] ———————— Wednesday’s flake turned out to be a case of the model writing down the wrong date/time for our session. We’ve rescheduled. (I’m really quite reasonable in that regard.) … Continue reading

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