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A Random Act of Kindness

Jesse Interlude 2 Going through the photo album of my father’s youth, one page was devoted to photographs of one home they lived in, 266 Preston Road in Columbus, OH.  As you may see in the page of images reproduced … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Packrat Syndrome

Jesse in the Basket I live among packrats.  Notably, two of my close relatives appear to favor retaining the originals of any and all artifacts that bear even peripherally upon family history or personalities.  All this becomes of interest because … Continue reading

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Good, Bad, and Ugly

Jesse Loop Three quick stories this morning, ranging across the spectrum of human experience, from hope to despair: The Good:  A NASA animation depicting its forthcoming Mars revisit:  the Mars Curiosity Rover.  It’s good that this can’t be recalled, since … Continue reading

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The Dog

Technicolor Jesse 5 The Dog has moved in, to our city, to our neighborhood, to our house, and to our hearts.  Suzuki (aka “Sookie”) — contrary to what I thought would be the case in those moments of my initial, … Continue reading

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The World Turned Upside Down

Technicolor Jesse A little bit more about photography with Edith here in Colorado below, but first a development involving a little intense personal drama. History buffs will recall that when Washington accepted Cornwallis’s surrender at Yorktown, the British military band … Continue reading

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Jesse Loop Only two items this morning Alabama is attempting to follow Arizona, Georgia, Utah and Indiana with a law that would legitimize racial and ethnic profiling in the guise of finding illegal immigrants.  The ACLU has threatened to sue … Continue reading

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“First …” — Nudes, 2001-03

Jesse in the Basket Those with sharp eyes will note a new banner at the top of the column at right.  A new book, First …, a collection of thirty-six photographs from the first three years I was photographing the … Continue reading

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Jesse on the Sun Porch 1 [Postings for the next few weeks may be sporadic or abbreviated.] ————————– Theft is Theft, Even by Cops Department Read the account at Photography is Not a Crime.  Confiscation of a photographer’s camera under … Continue reading

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Down Day

Muslim women are chattel, and every Muslim girl must be a virgin at marriage. …. Under Shari’a, a Muslim woman is effectively the property of her father, brothers, uncles, grandfathers.  These men are her guardians, responsible for her behavior, in … Continue reading

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Still Here, Thinking About Returning to Blogging

Jesse Loop A development on the near horizon may or may not materialize, and it might affect the timing of my return to more regular blogging. Can’t say more just now. Be patient. Meanwhile, been intermittently hot and muggy here, … Continue reading

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