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The Great Divide

Heather Apologies for the extended absence from these pages. It won’t be the last absence, however, as my priorities have definitely shifted – at least temporarily but for an extended period – toward continued intense concentration on family matters, family … Continue reading

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For Foodies and Winos

Heather Two nice, upbeat articles from yesterday’s NY Times. The first is about a young woman who fell in love with cheese, the taste, the making, and now the selling, to the extent that she has one of the best … Continue reading

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War on Photography Snippets

Heather I’ve written previously of D.C. police wrongful detention of Jerome Vorus, and of the ACLU lawsuit on his behalf challenging the police department’s unlawful actions, if not policies. Now comes a useful video of a ReasonTV interview with Vorus.  … Continue reading

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Heather Enroute to California today.  Via AMTRAK.  As you read this, if the train is on time, I should be approaching the Moffat Tunnel north and west of Denver, using it to cross under the Continental Divide.  This trip, inasmuch … Continue reading

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Heather All’s quiet on the home front, and little to report from elsewhere. I’m on an oral steroid regimen that we may hope will temporarily ameliorate the nerve/leg pain problem.  It didn’t work last time, but I’m starting it much … Continue reading

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It’s Back!

Heather 17 Last September the doc said the relief I’d experience from the epidural would be temporary, probably about six months.  Eight months later and in fact the pain in my leg is back, meaning that 1) I’d best do … Continue reading

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