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A Puzzle Within the Puzzle

Erin M The task presently engaged in involves bundles of letters in envelopes (thankfully, since most letters are undated, saying only something like “Sunday eve,” so the postmarks permit me to date the letters), most from my grandmother, but many … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Back at the Front Lines

Erin M I’ve not been wholly neglecting the rest of the world.  The NY Times article, “On Day Devoted to Constitution, a Fight Over It,” caught my eye.  In my universe dwell several bêtes noir — right wing religious fundamentalists, … Continue reading

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Closer My God to Thee

Erin M On my way to Michigan today.  A twelve-hour drive, with a few breaks.  This is the third time doing it in as many months, the last time (as those who are regular readers will remember) having been for … Continue reading

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Watching for Backgrounds

Erin M 11 As we travel, I look for backgrounds.  This means decorated surfaces that can serve as pasted-in backgrounds for my nudes.  I’ve shown a few here before, but work earlier this week with new model Abra provided an … Continue reading

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Erin M 16 Last night I started work on a post for today.  If eventually I finish it, it has promise for some small significance.  But the Oscars interrupted.  Just can’t concentrate when they are on. So instead I did … Continue reading

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Minnesota State Fair

Erin M At Home 1-14 Yesterday at the State Fair was cold.  I mean, COLD.  Sweatshirt weather.  Accentuated by the stiff west winds.  I toughed it out from about 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 that afternoon, making several circuits of the … Continue reading

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Off to State Fair

Erin M At Home 1-12 I’m at the State Fair today.  Weather promises to be nearly ideal:  temperature in the mid-60s, partly cloudy but windy.  Taking my minimum gear:  5D plus 70-300mm plus 28-70mm “L”.  Looking forward to getting some … Continue reading

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An Index

Erin M At Home 2-3 Operating on the assumption I’ve reached a natural break-point, if not the conclusion, of my survey of law, policy and commentary regarding the “war on photography,” I thought this would be an appropriate moment to … Continue reading

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