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Evolution in Action, Redux

Donna 6-3 Driving back from Michigan yesterday, my “evolution in action” comments from yesterday’s post were illustrated once more.  I encountered at least two idiot drivers who deserve to die horribly, albeit hopefully in a solo crash against a bridge … Continue reading

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Laughing at Mormons

Donna 9-1 A nice column by David Brooks Friday, “Creed or Chaos,” that both extols the hit Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, and takes a turn, on that Good Friday, on the serious question of the relationship between faith, … Continue reading

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Recent Pleasures

Donna Returns 8 Since a few pleasures have accumulated recently, I thought I’d recount them for you. Models — Abra & Edith. Two back-to-back sessions with these gals. You’ve already seen pics of both here, although pics from Edith’s most … Continue reading

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Donna Returns 20 How Soon We Forget Department (II) I know I said I’d let you enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday without interruption (and, in any case, none of you should be reading this until Friday at the earliest), but I … Continue reading

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This Leaves No Doubt

Donna Returns 24 It has been months — even years — coming, but at last we have unmistakable admission by the federal government of a right that I and many others have believed to be inviolate:  to photograph nearly any … Continue reading

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Lake Harriet Journal

Donna Redux 11 With Autumn solidly defining Lake Harriet in hues of gold, red and brown, and Winter just around the corner, I want to recapitulate my Lake Harriet walks by presenting some of my favorite images from the summer … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ (conclusion)

Donna 8-1 I’ve been busy (again).  In what probably is the last task associated with our European trip, I’ve created a 40-page Blurb photo book with selections from both the website (linked to above) and photos that are more personal … Continue reading

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The Sum of All Fears

Donna at Home 17 “We’ve never had a really destructive terrorist act over here.  This one will change things.  People won’t feel safe.  They’ll install checkpoints and security stuff everywhere.  It’ll really piss people off, make people think.  Maybe they’ll … Continue reading

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The Path to Here (Part 3)

Duo 3-3-6 I began this series to describe how my nude photography progressed from its stumbling earliest session in 2001 to the present.  We had made it through 2002 in my last entry, in April.  Now comes a watershed year, … Continue reading

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History of The Pill

Donna 7-7 This year is the fiftieth anniversary of introduction of The Pill. Time magazine has recognized the anniversary by a special article, which is well worth reading, not only for the history it provides, but as well for the … Continue reading

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