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Clair Stuck my hand into one of the cartons of photographs and came out with a fistful of photographs, none of them more recent than the early 1950s.  I mean, there’s a wealth of family history there almost incomparable in … Continue reading

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Ceramic Dance 7 Some ten years ago I found in Mother’s basement a small but very significant cache of old photographic prints of her, taken by my grandfather from her earliest days in 1911 through the times of visits home … Continue reading

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Clair 20 Starting to wade through the mountain of TSA- and War on Travel-related material, deciding which rises to a level worthy of mention. ————————– War on Photography Department Supplementing yesterday’s extensive post, this on June 17 from Long Island: … Continue reading

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“Curmudgeon,” Day 1

Ceramic Dance 6 Up at a relaxed hour yesterday, then off to meet friend Russell at the Winery at 11 a.m.  We got straight to business, tasting a few of his wines, including eventually my namesake wine, “The Curmudgeon.”  Always … Continue reading

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Clair The year to date has been rather devoid of photographic stimuli. One — exactly one — shoot so far, although that one (with Mayla) was special enough to sate me for a long time. Now it appears I’ll have … Continue reading

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