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Carissa’s Frustration 2 In Youth Hope Resides Department An Atheist Club in high school?  And not at just one.  Who wudda thunk it?  It’s true, however, and in Panama City, Florida, which is only miles removed from being the Deep … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Radicalized Traveler

Carissa 1-14 Events far back in my youth probably lie at the root of my emotional abhorrence of strangers touching me.  I won’t go into any of that, but those events echo down the years to today.  I do not … Continue reading

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Periodic Section 2257 Reminder

Carissa Low Key 1 I wish to remind you readers who photograph the nude and occasionally venture into erotic subjects or explicit depictions that 18 U.S.C. §§ 2257 and 2257A are still in force, and the fact that Department of … Continue reading

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Fifteen Minutes

Carissa Low Key 20 Short term memory.  Life recycled every fifteen minutes.  Memories of events eighty years earlier fresh in mind and filled with detail.  Twenty minutes ago?  Consigned to oblivion.  Calling my mother: “Hello, Mother.” “Hello.  Stephen?” “Yes, Mother.  … Continue reading

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The Path to Here (Part 1)

Carissa’s Frustration 6 Faithful reader Kevin suggested by email last week that I undertake to review what I’ve done (and how I’ve done it) to get from “there” (my initial nude photography in 2001), to “here” (my style today, and … Continue reading

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The War Continues

Carissa 1-18 At times I wonder if cops harassing photographers are becoming the village idiots of the Internet community. Two examples today, each of which has its own small object lesson: In Champaign, Illinois, a photographer is stopped, questioned, detained, … Continue reading

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I’m Hung

Carissa High Key 35 Friend Rachel and I began transporting prints to Hopkins about 8 a.m. yesterday morning. It required two loads, as expected. Hanging the thirty-eight went smoothly. Two levels, with a long wall on each. We finished at … Continue reading

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State Fair Photos

Carissa Low Key 9 Nothing today but photos, from the 2009 Minnesota State Fair (click on any to see full-sized): My friend Rachel ———————— It’s Not It’s A Wonderful Life, But It’s Every Bit As Good Department I spoke too … Continue reading

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Carissa Low Key 15 Most productive session with an über striking model, Tammi. Results in a few days. Meanwhile, it’s been warm and muggy here, with very unsettled weather. Supposed to improve today, which will be better. Thankfully, temps did … Continue reading

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Carissa High Key 6 Many thanks to the several of you who took time to offer comments to yesterday’s pissy post. Provided food for thought, and was quite supportive. I’m still tempted to “make a little list,” as in The … Continue reading

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