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Bridget Pretty much busy again today, although for a different reason. Instead of the scan, process and upload routine of the past week, making available to my relatives hundreds of family photos, some of them dating well back to the … Continue reading

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Bridget On this day after July 4, a few postscripts: First, a nice, brief article debunking the social conservatives’ constant refrain that the U.S. is a “Christian nation.”  (Thanks, Jimmie!) Second, if America’s history were presented as a Facebook page, … Continue reading

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Another in the Series

Bridget on the Edge 8 I’ve published Fifth …, the latest in my set of annual photo collections.  It covers the year 2006 and includes another thirty-five photos to add to the considerable collection already represented in First … through … Continue reading

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We Begin Today

Bridget on the Edge 2 Young Edith arrived early yesterday afternoon, care of Frontier Airlines.  I met her at the airport, drove her to Snowmass Village, got her checked in at her hotel, and we had lunch on a terrace.  … Continue reading

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Short Story 2 A piece by two attorneys for Law.com, “‘Neutrality’ and the Naked Society,” rather nicely encapsulates my own concerns that expansion of search via TSA’s nudie scanners and grope procedures are illegal searches, even if most people accept … Continue reading

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At Last, a Law on the Photographer’s Side

Duo A bill introduced in the Connecticut Senate: AN ACT CONCERNING THE RIGHT TO PHOTOGRAPH OR VIDEOTAPE AN EVENT. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened: That the general statutes be amended to … Continue reading

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Duo Two items of note from The NY Times: In what Times reporter Adam Liptak describes as the “only major national security case,” the Supreme Court will hear arguments on John Ashcroft’s imprisonment of Abdullah al-Kidd, a U.S. citizen, as … Continue reading

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Bridget For the first part of our September European vacation, we took a cruise.  Specifically, we took the Holland America 10-day “Roman Empire” cruise, Sept. 8-18.  The itinerary ostensibly covered selected locations within the middle-Mediterranean Roman Empire, but much of … Continue reading

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Roughly 130 million women around the world have had their genitals cut. The operation is inflicted on an estimated six thousand little girls every day. If 98 percent of Somali women are cut, 95 percent of women from Mali, and … Continue reading

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I’m Alive

Duo 1-26 Hey, Folks! Just wanted to note that I’m still kickin’, and that this blog is “on vacation,” not moribund. Been doing a lot of reading (five books down and three in process), noting the occasional piece of political … Continue reading

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