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Ashley & Brandi 2-32 Ruler of the Queen’s Navee Department Saw the Guthrie’s revisionist version of Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore yesterday evening.  Pinafore as a Busby Berkeley musical.  Overall enjoyable, although one had to get used to the jazzing-up … Continue reading

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The Restrictive National Parks “Commercial” Photography Permit Requirement

Ashley Vamps 4 Can you photograph nudes in a national park?  While some readers of this blog, like Dave Rudin, have more extensive experience in the matter, let me explain why I think the answer is yes … and no. … Continue reading

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City of Brotherly Love

Ashley & Brandi 1-2 I did not post earlier on this matter, wishing to let the dust settle, but Radley Balko’s excellent commentary and outrage — and I mean OUTRAGE — at the unconscionable actions by the Philadelphia District Attorney … Continue reading

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Ashley & Brandi 2-20 (Some of what I write below has already been recounted, but as you’ll see it bears repetition for good reasons.) As a child, some of my fondest memories are of visits to Ovid, Michigan, and my … Continue reading

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Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse

Ashley Vamps 13 Found on one of the multiple sites that unashamedly and liberally rip off photographers’ work: Disclaimer: All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. These images … Continue reading

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Filming the Abstract

Ashley 32 Let me propose:  in the development of law, and especially of our most important constitutional protections, the course of history shows that the most abstract of protections have taken the longest to come to full bloom.  Foremost among … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Ashley T 1-26 There are many of them. Signs of Spring, of course. Even here on the Northern Plains. I write this after a hard freeze gripped parts of the state only two nights ago. May 8 is considered the … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Ashley Haven’t I Warned About This? Department News out of NYC via The New York Daily News that the NY Police Department: Stopped and questioned 575,304 people in 2009; Of that number some unknown but presumably significant number were asked … Continue reading

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I’d Want to Hit Somebody

Ashley Vamps 20 Most of the times I’ve pointed to friend Dr. L’s blog, it’s been because of particularly meaningful or erudite writing or a good story. Dr. L shares her blog with two others, photographer Joe Crachiola and Alex, … Continue reading

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Luggage that Works

Ashley For years I’ve fought the problem of luggage that was either too small, too large, or insufficiently flexible for the needs to which it was put. This pertains mostly to overseas travel, since when taking brief trips, and especially … Continue reading

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