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Approaching Truth

Anonymous It’s been an interesting 48 hours.  It began with a negative — a medium-format negative.  A formal pose, probably a man in uniform.  In an envelope marked “1943.”  Now, that could mean one of two things:  first, another portrait … Continue reading

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S. Haynes, Photographic Detective, Part II

Anonymous When going through a stash of old (I mean, really old) photographs, when one encounters small, hinged metallic frame cases, the experienced explorer knows what to expect:  tintypes or, in rare instances, actual daguerreotypes.  So it was with photos … Continue reading

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Untitled Starting to catch up.  But I’m not there yet. The dog turns out not to be perfect.  Exhibit “A”:  poop on the bathroom tiles.  Exhibit “B”:  a predilection for women’s underwear (chew, chew, chew).  However, she does sleep nicely … Continue reading

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Anonymous There’s a bunch of stuff below.  It’s not a complete gathering of items of interest since I departed for California, but it’s a pretty good start. ————————– War on Photography Department Priest arrested in East Haven, Connecticut, for recording … Continue reading

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Celebrities Next Door

Mandie Jane at Salt Point State Park This little blog and I are far from the most notable (or notorious) celebrities living on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis.  Just doors south of us is Phil Gainsley, well-known local attorney who is … Continue reading

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The Victory of Reason

Body Viewpoint 6-2b My wife, out of no particular piety yet believing I give rather short shrift to Christianity and its value to Western culture, if not the world, purchased for me the book, The Victory of Reason — How … Continue reading

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Body Viewpoint 6-15 Slow start this morning, combined with the pleasurable burdens of photos from sessions not only with Mei on Monday, but then return of Edith yesterday (including a chance to get to know her better outside of “work” … Continue reading

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Tush Gone to the Dogs Department Very funny, if you are a dog owner.  Not your cup of tea if you are a cynophobe. ————————– Reminder Department The offer of Third … at a 12% discount expires in two days. … Continue reading

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Am I the Best?

Body Viewpoint 6-9a I include a line in many of the approaches I make to models who newly announce their presence on Model Mayhem:  “For fine art nudes, I’m the best in the Twin Cities ….”  Now, admittedly, it’s a … Continue reading

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Girl of the Golden West — Golden Indeed

Earthly Body Said to my septuagenarian and octogenarian seatmates as I slid under the railing and climbed into my front row seat at La Fanciulla del West yesterday: Either I’m younger than I look or older than I feel. Which … Continue reading

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