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Sensual Abigail Melting Pot America Department I was struck by the above-the-fold photo in The NY Times print edition, a perfectly composed grabshot, taken of Obama greeting families at NYC’s Ground Zero, the boy’s sunlit upturned face placed exactly where … Continue reading

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Like I Said Earlier

Autumn 8 An excellent Op-Ed piece in yesterday’s NY Times regarding the problem I identified here some weeks or months ago:  “Can You Frisk a Hard Drive?” by David K. Shipler. If you stand with the Customs and Border Protection … Continue reading

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Free Lunch

Abigail Wing Chair 6 Today is Veterans’ Day.  Of course, it was originally Armistice Day, celebrating cessation of hostilities in World War I, but WWII and the Korean War rather upended that whole paradigm. So, as a vet, I learned … Continue reading

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The Path to Here (Part 3)

Duo 3-3-6 I began this series to describe how my nude photography progressed from its stumbling earliest session in 2001 to the present.  We had made it through 2002 in my last entry, in April.  Now comes a watershed year, … Continue reading

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Remembrance of Things Yet To Come

Abigail Takes Charge 29 Al Qaeda has tried three times now to bring down an aircraft by passenger-smuggled explosives. (The “Shoe Bomber,” the Britain-based liquids plot, and now the idiot Nigerian and his exploding underwear.) That we know of. What … Continue reading

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Why Does the Idiocy Continue?

Faerie For my British readers, especially those familiar with the law underlying Section 44 “stop and search” authority: As I understand it, the specific areas of the country designated as subject to Section 44 stops and searches are secret. So, … Continue reading

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