The British Police State

Sensual Abigail 32

Read this from The Guardian. Key sentence:

[T]he [British] state has a policy of grooming our children for an age of conformity and unquestioning obedience, where some avuncular authority that springs from an indeterminate alliance of police, Home Office and control-freak schoolteachers plays more part in the upbringing of children than parents do.

As I’ve said before, Great Britain seems far more advanced than the U.S. in moving toward an Orwellian State. Lin, who has regrettably suspended posts over at Fluffytek (else we’d hope to hear her take on all this), must live with this. We observe it from afar, hoping that similar absurdities will not be visited upon our own society.

As some commentators have noted, however, all it would take would be one more 9/11-type terrorist attack within the United States and the majority of people would, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, give up many of their freedoms to gain a little security. Try taking photos of bridges, refineries, dockyards, airports, etc., the day after that happens!


A fun and inventive session, with only a ribbon as prop.

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