Giving Up; About Time

Carissa 1-10

Thanks to photographer-acquaintance-nomad Ben Willmore for this: next time you are in a theater, need a bathroom break, but don’t want to miss something critical in the movie, use your web-enabled cellphone and go to to find the best break times. As Ben says, “Is there nothing you can’t find on the net these days?” Boggles the mind!


Yesterday morning I was backing up some original images to gold CDs, and my frustration finally overcame any reluctance to make the change. First, the CD drive was recording at about 10X rather than the 40X I was accustomed to. (My CD drive may indeed require replacement, now after over four years moderately intense use.) Second, I wasted two CDs in the course of burning five, a 28% failure rate (with gold CDs, that’s over $1 per disc).

The change? Forsaking further use of CDs altogether, and converting all archiving activity to external hard drives.

The economics have argued against CDs for some time now. Yesterday afternoon I purchased a 1 TB Western Digital drive at Best Buy for $150, so when compared to gold CD storage the hard drive cost advantage is nearly 12:1. And backups/archiving will be done automatically every evening, which removes a substantial time burden. I remain concerned about relying entirely upon magnetic media for all archiving. But since everything is archived in duplicate, I presume a certain safety in redundancy.


Then yesterday afternoon I went to see the latest Star Trek movie. It ranks with the best. Even aside from the special effects, which were impressive, the story has several twists and turns, some of them nicely paradoxical. I wish someone would explain to scriptwriters the nature of black holes so they wouldn’t stretch our credulity beyond breaking point, but then perhaps the writers were looking into a science so advanced that, as Arthur Clarke said, it was (to me) indistinguishable from magic. Yeah, right.

Of course, a major suspension of disbelief was necessitated by the Enterprise’s elaborate command center — heavily staffed and very glitzy. None of the cheesy, on-the-cheap furnishings of the ’60s era original series.


From a recent session. Carissa was one very intense model!

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