Photographer's Guide to 2257 Now in PDF


For those with sharp eyes, you will notice the banner up top has changed. The Photographer’s Guide to Section 2257 is now available in the less expensive PDF format. Same content, lower price ($10.50). And you are automatically signed up for the Update Service.


Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day Weekend. That means it’s quiet for us, around here. People escape to the countryside (subject of Dave’s mini-rant yesterday) and leave the in-city lakes to those of us who don’t see the point in driving places just to get away.

For us, it was a short drive yesterday to the grocery to purchase two of my favorites: dry-aged NY strip steaks. Grilled, with two cobs of surprisingly good shipped-in sweet corn for each of us. And a Patricia Green pinot noir. All very yummy.

This morning, of course, will be our usual eggs. I think I’ll do them fried, with bacon. A pecan roll for me, and sugared raised donuts for Patricia. Total excess, but then it’s a holiday.

Already looking forward to Friday, when friend Russell arrives from California and the local winos gather at La Belle Vie for good time, good food, and good wine (including barrel samples of some of Russell’s wines — not sure what he’s bringing, but I’m sure it will be superb).


So the shuttle landing is delayed another day. It prompted this question: “How do you play solitaire in zero gravity?”


From a series five years ago.

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