In case anyone was wondering, 1) yes, I’m still alive, 2) I’m thoroughly  involved, partly-voluntary and partly-forced, with my mother’s estate and especially her papers, so 3) I’m doing neither any photography nor am following my traditional sources of information about the subjects about which I’ve been concerned.

I fear that’s the way it will continue for the foreseeable future.  Which means few postings here — not exactly good service to faithful readers, I know, but if I slack off on the papers they’ll never get done.

Stuff being found is sometimes fascinating, like Bion Bates War Years Diaries – 1917-18.  As I come across this stuff — already transcribed by my uncle in typewritten form — I’m OCR-ing the text, correcting and reformatting in MS Word, sometimes adding photos from the trove already uncovered, converting to a PDF and then distributing to my family.  It’s so much easier to pass on in this form.


From our posing-to-music sets.

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