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I’ve commented before that I think the Obama administration’s decisions have had devastating consequences for preservation of civil liberties in this country.  The TSA scope and grope program is only one of the more egregious examples.

Jonathan Turley wrote an Op-Ed for The Los Angeles Times that makes my points, and it is reproduced on his blog.

While few people mourn the passing of a figure like al-Awlaki who was accused being a leader in al Qaeda, they should mourn the passing of basic constitutional protections afforded to all citizens. So a president can now kill a citizen without publicly naming him as a target, stating the basis for his killing, or even acknowledge his killing once it has been carried out. Even if one assumes citizens would only be killed outside the country, it would mean that a your life becomes dispensable the minute you step a foot over one of our borders.

He then discussed his conclusions in a good segment on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” which you may now listen to.  It’s worth it — go on over there.


Dark strobe-lit in a wing chair from our living room.

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