Meanwhile, Back at the Front Lines

Erin M

I’ve not been wholly neglecting the rest of the world.  The NY Times article, “On Day Devoted to Constitution, a Fight Over It,” caught my eye.  In my universe dwell several bêtes noir — right wing religious fundamentalists, homophobic politicians, and the Tea Party.  The latter are at it again.  This time trying to re-imagine the Constitution in their conservative interpretations.

Tea Party groups, armed with lesson plans and coloring books, are pushing schools to use [Constitution Day] to teach a conservative interpretation of the Constitution, where the federal government is a creeping and unwelcome presence in the lives of freedom-loving Americans.


A highly successful shoot in her apartment. She wrote after this session:

When I open galleries that photographers set up to view my photos, I usually will arrive at the page and instantly think…”oh, those are nice…or those are cute…etc”  However, there has been a few isolated instances where an audible gasp escapes my lips as I discover how incredibly beautiful the images turned out.

You are two for two :)

These are absolutely incredibly masterful, beautiful photos.  I get such a calm feeling viewing them…as if I was just lounging around and you were never here.  They are perfect.  Thank you for capturing me in such a way that makes me feel that I am truly pretty.  (which I very rarely feel)

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