Arrived home yesterday at 6 p.m., after 11 hours 40 minutes driving.  Only three stops — a rest stop before crossing the Mackinac Bridge, drive-through Burger King lunch in Manistique (Upper Peninsula), and gas stop in Menominee (Michigan), where for some reason gasoline is always cheaper than anywhere else in either Michigan or Wisconsin.  Two bouts of drowsiness that I was able to shake off, and only one near-miss, almost pulling into a lane with a car coming up on my blind spot.  Average speed consistently 4-5 miles over the speed limit, at which the cops always give me a pass (I passed at least half a dozen watching for speeders on the trip).

In the meantime, I was also developing a full-blown head cold, which had come on overnight (thus interfering with my sleep).  The leg and hip, although they started with protest (mostly from having loaded the thirteen bins and cartons of documents and photos into the car Sunday evening), calmed down with ice applied to my lower back, and were benign until the last hour, when increasing aches and momentary sharp pains led to ingesting a single Vicodin.

It’s good to be home!  Now into the boxes, photos first.  I promise I’ll show some of them here — they are truly extraordinary.


Ah, favorite Erin, now in London.

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