Pretty much busy again today, although for a different reason.

Instead of the scan, process and upload routine of the past week, making available to my relatives hundreds of family photos, some of them dating well back to the 19th century, today I hung my coffee house show in Mankato, which is a 2.5 hour round-trip.  And, even as I was hanging the show one of the morning coffee drinkers purchased one of the prints:

Mankato Old Town 5

That’s always rather nice.

Hope to see some of you local folk at the opening on September 6, 6-8 p.m., at Coffee Hag, 329 N. Riverfront Drive in Mankato.

Then in thirty minutes I’m off for my PT session.  Time to abuse my body in hopes it will get better.

Meanwhile, one item of substance ….

Almost Big Brother Department

A news item on NPR yesterday about the Philadelphia police department compiling a database of privately owned CCTV cameras around the city, so they can know exactly to whom to go immediately if they need a video record of a crime or other event.  It’s not quite Big Brother, and nowhere near the comprehensive and privacy-violative system as I understand exists in many British communities, where the authorities have real-time access to citizens’ movements.  Also not the real-time license plate readers being installed around the country here.  So, I guess so long as the police don’t insist on being able to plug into the camera systems in real time, I’ve got no objection.  (As with many of these systems, however, that there’s no 4th Amendment restriction on police obtaining access remains a threat to privacy — they can ask to see what was recorded pretty much on a whim.)


Old Photos Department

Here, by the way, is one of the oldest photos I’ve scanned thus far — a pic of my great great grandfather, George Washington Bates, Jr.:


An early and very talented amateur.

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