Scarlet Experiments 8

How easily can one, as an adult child, imagine a parent having a life in a time before you are born?

I’ve been dealing most recently not with ancient photographs of long-dead ancestors, and not with collateral relatives whom I’ve known all my life, but rather with a mother and father in times before I was born.  I’m sure not every adult child out there has this opportunity to review his parents’ lives — in my case my father’s first marriage (and the child resulting therefrom, my half-sister); his very first date with my mother (yes! snapshots taken in her NYC apartment sometime in the late 1930s); his later stopping by Dayton, Ohio, over Thanksgiving weekend 1944 to re-establish contact; and, that having been a good weekend having been very good for both, his contacting her after she went to Mexico to tell her he had a brief leave from the Navy and to meet him in New Orleans, where they were married.  Photos:

Date in Dayton


Parents & Grandparents

Ten Months Later, I Arrive

All this dating from 1944-45.  (Oh, and if there seems a disconnect between that Dayton date and marriage in New Orleans, between the two my father entered Officer Candidate’s School and therefore graduated in uniform from a Navy pharmacist’s mate to a Navy lieutenant JG.)

Will my children be as lucky in having a similar photo record?  I think not.


My first work with a nude in HDR.

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