Three Ideas 15

Apologies for being less than diligent in adding to this blog.  Daughter Emily and her boyfriend have been here since Saturday, plus I continue to plow through Mother’s effects.

As to the former distraction, we dined at favorite restaurant Piccolo Sunday eve.  Took one of friend Russell Bevan’s latest sauvignon blancs (simply delicious), and a 1986 Ch. Pichon-Lalande (pretty much perfectly mature).  The meal as usual was superb and proclaimed so by all.  Boyfriend Sanjay is vegetarian, so the chef prepared special dishes for him that he pronounced excellent.  Highlights for me were the “Rabbit confit with chanterelles, sweetcorn pudding, burrata and Benton’s bacon” and “Mishima Ranch Waygu beef with beets, asparagus and shiso pickled cherries” — such a melange of interlaced flavors in both dishes.

As to the latter continuing excavation, I spent much of yesterday scanning and OCR-ing my great grandfather’s 1876 diary of his zoological expedition to Venezuela’s Orinoco River, the first time anyone has made the entire document available in digital form.  (Fortunately, one of my uncles had years ago transcribed the very hard to read handwritten original, which made the OCR task possible.)  It’s a fascinating read, in America’s Centennial Year and only ten years following conclusion of the Civil War.  As interesting for the prejudices and attitudes revealed as for the adventures related.

There will be more, similar activities today — I intend to tackle the same great grandfather’s brief autobiography, which although disseminated in typescript form some decades ago, will also benefit from digital conversion.

All of this has distracted me from both new photography and from following some of my favorite sources of news of the absurd and atrocious activities.


Interacting with one of my wife’s sculptures.

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