Allison Returns

In the midst of our end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it debt and deficit crisis, coupled with the Christian fundamentalist-driven atrocity in Norway (think Waco and reflect on how many of these nuts we harbor here in the U.S.), I’ve nothing to add this beautiful Sunday morning in Minneapolis.

I will, however, momentarily note last night’s highly enjoyable concert performance of Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier by the Minnesota Orchestra — still no substitute for the wonderful performances seen recently live, in theater HD, and on DVDs (all with the incomparable Renee Fleming as the Marschelin).  (Sookie was overjoyed to see me return — nothing compares to fourteen pounds of leaping, yapping, twirling, frenzied, unadulterated and ecstatic pleasure.)

And, walking Sookie this morning, a family of three juvenile racoons up a tree in front of Mark Dayton’s old house 1/2 block from our home.

Oh, yes, and happy thoughts are with my lesbian daughter Bethany in NYC as New York State begins the process of admitting thousands of gays and lesbians to the ranks of married Americans.  She and her partner have not yet decided to tie the knot (they did so without benefit of legality in Massachusetts several years ago), but we are rather expecting news in that regard sooner rather than later.  (Interview with Michael Bloomberg on ABC this morning, who is officiating over marriage of two of his aides today — that guy has pretty much 100% approval in my book.)

I may go see Harry Potter for the second time today.


A nude portrait in natural light.

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