Evolution in Action, Redux

Donna 6-3

Driving back from Michigan yesterday, my “evolution in action” comments from yesterday’s post were illustrated once more.  I encountered at least two idiot drivers who deserve to die horribly, albeit hopefully in a solo crash against a bridge abutment.

One passed a car I was passing.  I was on the left and pulled right to let people behind me by.  He passed the same car at high speed on the right and began pulling into my space, blowing his horn, and then showed his displeasure by coming dangerously close to my Honda as he then passed me.

The second squeaked through a barely adequate space between me and the car I was about to pass, rocketing ahead and giving me the finger as he did.

As this post implies, I reached home safely the idiots’ efforts notwithstanding.  Sookie was the perfect passenger for eleven hours (I stopped more frequently than I would normally, to walk her and let her drink some water).  Patricia remains in Michigan, staying with her mom while her sisters take a brief vacation.  She’ll fly home in ten days.  I have Sookie to myself in the meantime, so she should bond with me fairly thoroughly.

(I made it home with the help of two 5/500 mg Vicodin tabs.  Possibly less than safe, but for a change my leg/hip/back did not do well on a drive.)

Trying to line up some sessions with a couple of new models.  They should be very interesting if we can work something out.


You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me Department

Word from San Francisco that a guard at the Jewish Museum’s Gertrude Stein exhibit (running concurrently with the wonderful “Steins Collect” exhibit at SF MOMA) admonished a lesbian couple not to hold hands while viewing the exhibit.  Fortunately, the museum has recognized the error (not to mention the absurdity) of the guard’s actions, dismissed him, and declared tomorrow, Sunday, to be “Hand Holding Day.”

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, the guard told the couple that they couldn’t hold hands in the museum. The two women started to argue with him. After a small crowd began to form around them, the guard attempted to escort the couple out the door.

“And they said, ‘No, we are not leaving and we want to talk to somebody in authority right now,’” an eyewitness explained. “The idea that in 2011, in San Francisco, at the Jewish Museum, this guard could be that out of touch was shocking.”

Now if we can only get Michele Bachmann to sponsor a hand holding day at one of her campaign rallies.


Out of Control Cops Department

This cop needs some remedial training.

Simply inexcusable.


Databases Department

How about using dashboard cams, plus character recognition, to create a massive database recording your every location as you drive?  Think Massachusetts.


From that long-ago, initial 2003 session.

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6 Responses to Evolution in Action, Redux

  1. The problem with the guard attempting to bust the couple for hand-holding and the out of control cop is the same in both cases. They’re tin-pot dictators, attempting to wield their supposed authority over those around them. For whatever reason, many people do this when given power.

    That’s one of the reasons I lean libertarian / anarchist. It seems to me, that if we can’t trust most people with power, the best solution is to limit the amount of power that anyone can accumulate. This was one of the biggest reasons we ended up with a constitutional republic in this country, which is a pretty good system, but as we’ve seen, it still allows too much power to be accumulated.

    On a small scale, the best solution frequently seems to be to stand up to them. “Question Authority.” But on a larger scale that doesn’t work. And in some cases, as with the road-bullies, standing up to them can be downright dangerous.

    Wish I had an answer to the problem, but the best I’ve been able to come up with is that there are just too many rats in the cage, which is not a cheery thought for a Sunday morning. Sorry.

  2. Fred says:

    The thug with a badge did this back on October 26, 2008. The photographer in question has since filed a lawsuit naming several parties, including the dimwitted Napoleon and the City of Newark. The case is Quodomine v. City of Newark, et al. Additional information is available on the ACLU-NJ website and on Justia. The age of this incident does not diminish its impact or the gross injustice perpetrated by this officer. In a just nation, Officer Sharif would be breaking rocks in prison.

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks much for the clarification and updated information. Normally I pick up on dated material such as this and at least note its tardy appearance here — for some reason I missed it in this case. It certainly is well worth the lawsuit mentioned. Such seems to be the only way to achieve some degree of remedial action and hopefully pass along a message in the process.

      • Fred says:

        I find it particularly alarming that Newark has “Special Police” with a command structure separate from regular patrol officers. These are volunteers, and it is obvious the training is sorely lacking. That is not to say regular police cannot and do not do horrible things. We’ve all seen that happen, in Seattle, at Critical Mass in NYC a few years ago, and others. However, it seems horribly irresponsible to have amateurs vested with police powers, no matter how limited. Newark made it worse by offering a deal in bad faith to Quodomine, even knowing their officer was in the wrong. The only government official who did the right thing was the judge, and though I wish I could say that could be counted on in most situations, the SCOTUS has proven otherwise as of late.

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