Catching Up


I spent significant portions of yesterday in excruciating pain, which rather limited making good on intentions to catch up and post good stuff for you to read.  Even a renewal of my Vicodin prescription didn’t help much.  The only thing that seemed to temporarily stave off the discomfort was to lie absolutely flat and absolutely still.  Sitting at my desk was possible for only very brief periods.  (Fortunately, the combination of lying flat and Vicodin does permit a restful night’s sleep.)

Thursday cannot come too soon.

(My wife did return from NYC and I picked her up at the airport.  Nice to have her home.)

(Also, I did appear to have chosen the right week to be away:  Bill Maher took last Friday off, and Jon Stewart was gone all week.)


SWAT Team Department

Meanwhile, while I was gone, Radley Balko went ballistic over this video of another SWAT drug bust in Columbia, Missouri:

It’s pretty atrocious.


Foreign Travel Department

I am slowly accumulating a list of foreign countries I will not visit.  Afghanistan.  Pakistan.  Saudi Arabia.  (Do you detect a theme here?)  Why?  Well, this story pretty well illustrates the danger of writing a blog like mine on the Internet:  you can get arrested for what you say.  In this case, in Thailand of all places.


Back to 2007, in her apartment.

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