Home Again

Mandie Jane at Goat Rock State Beach

Well, I’m home at last, and that turns out to have been no small accomplishment.  Several high points and pleasures notwithstanding, this has turned out to be as close to the trip from hell as I for one have ever experienced.

I’ve already provided some detail regarding difficulties on the trip out.  Much of the unpleasantness focused on spinal-nerve-originating pain in my right leg and hip, and although Vicodin helped, there were times I could not use it — like when driving or a couple evenings of heavy-duty wine drinking.  Moreover, I was running through them fairly quickly.  I’ve got two days until the epidural injection, and I’ve exhausted my supply.  I called my doctor this morning to obtain a new prescription, but don’t yet know if he will issue it, or let me suffer.

Sunday night on the train I called the duty doc at my clinic, and he suggested I use extra-strength Tylenol.  I had some Walgreens Tylenol substitute in my kit, so I took two before retiring, another in mid-night, and another upon rising.  What I did not realize is that what I had was not extra-strength, but rather the Walgreens version of Tylenol PM.  They did a fairly good job of knocking me out.  The train arrived in Omaha about an hour late, at 5:45 a.m.  I picked up the two pieces of checked baggage, loaded my car, and started off on the six hour return drive home.

The first thing I discovered was that the M3′s air conditioning, which was flaky coming down, had now failed utterly.  Me and twelve bottles of perishable wine in the back seat.  I could only hope that the styrofoam encasing them would shield them from temperatures that eventually reached the mid-80s.  I stopped at a McDonald’s for breakfast about 30 minutes out from Omaha.  I began to feel drowsy about 30 minutes shy of the Minnesota border.  So drowsy, in fact, that I knew I had to get some sleep before continuing.  So I checked into a Holiday Inn Express and slept about 3.5 hours.  (Only upon arriving home did I learn I’d doped myself with the PMs, so had no one but myself to blame for the extra $100 spent in order to drive safely.)

I finally reached home, sweaty but glad, at about 4:15.  A shower repaired part of the damage, but as I write this I’m still hurting.

I did check my laptop editing of photos taken of Mandie Jane (up top) along the Pacific Coast, and found there was no significant difference between what I’d seen on my laptop and what I was seeing on the calibrated CRT at home.  (I’d edited at the Santa Rosa hotel, at my daughter’s apartment, and finished them on the train — all very different, and in some cases sub-optimal, lighting conditions.)  I sent them along to Mandie, who has written she likes them.  (Incidentally, I highly recommend her to anyone finding themselves north of San Francisco and looking for a first-rate model.)

So with tomorrow I should be back to normal broadcasting.  I will spend part of today catching up on news and other matters of absurdity.  And by Thursday afternoon we may hope everything is again copacetic.


From our session last week.

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4 Responses to Home Again

  1. Lin says:

    Cripes! Sounds like one heckuva trip. Good to see you are home safely. Roll on your epidural!
    BTW, there may be good news for us back-pain sufferers in a few years time http://tinyurl.com/3apsxdv I’m not sure if it will help you, but anything’s better than spinal surgery!

    Commiserations too re the forthcoming repair bill for your M3′s air-con. Hopefully the bill won’t be too bad!I think the M’s are fabulously reliable until they get to “that certain age” and then start to cost an arm and several legs (at least that’s our experience anyway!) We still wouldn’t be without one though :-)

  2. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to surgery. Get well, my friend!

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