Yesterday drove from Santa Rosa to Oakland, and I’ll be spending today with my daughter Emily there.  Train back tomorrow morning.

Nice dinner last night, except you’d think when a restaurant offers a duck breast and leg combination, they’d not run out of one before the other — you know, a duck comes with two of each, so they kind of naturally pair up together.

Have begun working on photos with Mandie shot along the Pacific Coast, and you have a treat in store.


Meanwhile, in Texas Department

Remember the Texas legislature?  They had vowed to go ballistic on the TSA and arrest TSA agents who groped passengers.  Well, the TSA took care of them.  Threatened to cut off all flights from Texas.  Didn’t even have to worry about challenging the legislation in courts.  The Texas lawmakers, normally an independent bunch who’d not cotton to federal heavy-handedness, caved right in and withdrew the legislation.

So much for the Tenth Amendment.


On the Sleeping Bear sand dunes.

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  1. Yeah, I guess you CAN mess with Texas, at least if you’re the TSA.

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