It’s Back!

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Last September the doc said the relief I’d experience from the epidural would be temporary, probably about six months.  Eight months later and in fact the pain in my leg is back, meaning that 1) I’d best do the epidural thing again, and 2) I need to seek a longer term solution.

The semi-annual visit to my doc yesterday was otherwise generally good news, but he says I need to seek some physical therapy to strengthen back muscles to alleviate future recurrences.  Only if that doesn’t work will they consider surgery.

All this is especially relevant because I have some major travel coming in the near future.  First to California, solo, to help my friend Russell bottle the wine named after me — “The Curmudgeon.”  Patricia stays behind on this one, so I have two days facing me on the train solo going, and another two returning.  I’ll be working with one model along the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco, so that should be fun (leaving aside the pain in my leg).  Fortunately, the pain is less noticeable (to non-existent) when sitting, which will help.


May 21 Department

From a source guaranteed to put things in perspective, SFGate from the San Francisco Chronicle, comes “The end-of-the-world FAQ sheet.”  People really believe this sh*t stuff.


“Let’s Go Search Some Houses” Department

According to at least one source in Indiana, a county sheriff there feels the Barnes Indiana Supreme Court decision of a few days ago (I commented on it here) authorizes him to conduct warrantless house-to-house searches.  I didn’t think anyone could come up with worse scenarios than I did, but this certainly is one.  Other law enforcement officials consider such actions a Fourth Amendment violation, however (and thankfully).

(Good analyses of the Barnes decision in Simple Justice and Popehat.)


A one-timer; a good model, but we didn’t click.

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  1. Lin says:

    Have a good trip (constant pain notwithstanding – I experience similar so you have my sympathies.) As always I shall greatly look forward to the photos from your adventure :-)

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