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A few nuggets:

  • First in the “this caught my eye” department, a below-the-fold, section front page article telling of the surging popularity and acceptance of … vibrators.  Thanks, apparently to Sex in the City and Oprah.

[W]hen Lou, 44, who lives on Long Island and has been married to Sarah, 47, for 20 years, was found to have prostate cancer, he used a make-your-own vibrator kit to make a mold of himself for his wife before having surgery.

  • Man is out driving with his family.  Stops at the side of the road to photograph nuclear power plant facilities from public property.  A security guard accosts him and demands he stay until the cops come.  The cops question him and his family, and then later pull him over and force him to delete the photos.  So wrong, so very wrong, on so many levels.  The guy will no doubt elect not to pursue the various legal options open to him.
  • A profile of photographer and Strobist blogger David Hobby.  Strobist had two million visitors last year — I should be so lucky to have 1% of that.  The article also covers dilution of the stock photo world because of iStockphoto.
  • We watched Sidney Lumet’s brilliant and powerful 12 Angry Men last night (on TCM).  Walking up the stairs afterwards, my wife — operating in PC mode — pondered the fact that there were no women on the jury.  I responded, “Yeah, I suppose there could have been, but then they’d have had to call it 11 Angry Men and One Woman.  Doesn’t have quite the same impact.”
  • If you’ve not yet been caught up in the unbelievable stupidity of Fox News and others jumping all over the J. Crew ad showing the company’s president painting her son’s toenails hot pink, read this, and then check out all the rest of the idiots to be found through this Google search.  Really, how some people can demonize a perfectly wonderful, imaginative and quite touching piece of marketing!

(Jon Stewart, after taking on Fox directly, returned to the subject later on The Daily Show, in characteristic fashion:  addressing Donald Trump’s focus on “birther’s” allegations, Stewart disclosed the real reason Obama refuses to show the official version of his Hawaii birth certificate — the entry following “Color of Baby’s Nails”:  “Hot Neon Pink.”  ROTFLMAO!)

  • I’ve no independent verification of this story relating to how a single arrest in the U.S. can result in denial of entry into Canada, even years later, but it has enough hallmarks of Kafkaesque or Orwellian truth to suggest it must be accurate.


Again from our recent session.  A first-rate model; not sure how interested she is in continuing to do nudes except on an occasional basis.

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