There are Agendas, and Then There are AGENDAS

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I commented a few posts ago about an uncommonly high repeat rate on a few cable channels of To Kill a Mockingbird. I wondered if this was part of a none-too-subtle agenda on the part of some cable channel schedulers regarding the current election.

I’ve thought about it a bit more, and here is a further list:

  • The Manchurian Candidate: the original, not the so-so remake. One of the strongest anti-McCarthyism movies ever made (and a pretty damn good nail-biter to boot). View it in light of Palin’s “pro-America”/”anti-American” comments and those of local Congresswoman Michele Bachman. Offered repeatedly.

  • Seven Days in May. Seen just yesterday. Only once so far. A right-wing element within the military attempts a coup against a President who dares to negotiate an unprecedented treaty with the Soviets. Discussions with Iran with no preconditions, anyone?
  • Good Night and Good Luck. George Clooney’s paean to Edward R. Murrow and the downfall of McCarthy. In widescreen and hi-def repeatedly in recent days. (You really must listen to McCarthy’s rebuttal to Murrow’s program that first attacked him. (The movie uses a tape of the Senator’s actual comments.) He falsely accuses Murrow of having been a member of the IWW, a “terrorist organization.” Sound familiar?)
  • Others appearing in lesser roles: Fail Safe — the ultimate horror story from the nuclear age and testimony to the skill of a (fictitious) President with no military background in making very difficult decisions. Thirteen Days — Kevin Costner’s semi-fictitious retelling of the Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK’s standing up to the military and avoiding nuclear armageddon — remember that JFK’s previous (and only) government job was as a U.S. Senator, and a young and inexperienced one at that. Recount — HBO’s account of the 2000 election and the fight over Florida’s electoral votes, as if we need a reminder of Republican dirty tricks and the dangers of a too-close election, not to mention the eight-year nightmare we have endured as a result.

Mind, as far as I’m concerned these movies and this agenda are on the side of the angels. But I’m asking the question.


I was tickled yesterday to receive a blog comment from author James Galbraith. He had to dig pretty deep into Google to find my brief positive mention of his appearance on Bill Moyers Journal.


An attractive portrait from a very recent session with new model Nikki Lynn.

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