And People Wonder Why ….

Danielle in Monochrome 17

Here’s the sequence:

  1. Cows get loose on campus.
  2. Ag school people chase the cows.
  3. Campus newspaper photographer photographs the cows and those who are chasing them.
  4. Ag school person says, “Don’t photograph.”
  5. Photographer says call the cops if you want.
  6. Ag school person calls the cops.
  7. Cops tell photographer to leave because it’s dangerous.
  8. Photographer moves to safe location and continues to photograph.
  9. Ag school people again tell him to stop photographing.
  10. Photographer moves again.
  11. In the end, cops arrest photographer for “criminal trespass.” (BTW, he was on public campus property when photographing.)

The story is making the rounds. It’s actually rather humorous.


I Can’t Stand the Uncertainty Department

A European trip is in our future. I’ve already made reservations for the ground portion. Now I’m tracking air fares. I will tell you, quite frankly, it’s a major frustration. Rates change by as much as $300 overnight. What to do? Grab the lower fares available now ($900+ per person), or wait on the chance they’ll go down?


A once-only model, but she was effective in this “look back through angled arm” pose.

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  1. Patrick N says:

    Not sure if you saw this one… picking up steam now.

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