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Opera Deferred Department

Well, a week after we were supposed to, a bunch of strangers will assemble this morning in a local theater to watch the Met’s Don Carlo.  It was originally broadcast to the rest of the country last Saturday, but of course that day the roads were extraordinarily snowbound and dangerous, so the theater was able to arrange a rebroadcast today.  Very much looking forward to it, as it has one of the great tenor-baritone duets in all of opera.  Not to mention blood, love, burning at the stake, and other lesser pleasures.


Beauty of the Natural World Department

Few things attract my visual interest more than astronomical photographs. So I was tickled to come across this set of fourteen of the best of 2010. Some are astounding captures of short-lived events, others are intense views of million year-long interactions. All fascinate.


Christmas Card Photo

Sometimes when taking an especially attractive portrait during a session, I will show it to the model, jokingly saying, “Here’s your family Christmas card photo.” They usually accept the comment in good humor, and so it was with Avery on Thursday. I thought I’d share the joke with you readers, although the photo is no joke, no joke at all. In fact, Avery is just about as purty as anyone I’ve ever photographed. Judge for yourself (click to see full-sized):

Portrait of Avery


Grace from the Caribbean.

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