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Zaila & Three Colors 5

Barring major developments, significant new analysis or insights, or personal experiences, and allowing for the continuing possibility of humor, I’ll not be revisiting the whole TSA scan-or-grope thing.  I’ve said my piece for now.

Moreover, the sources I find are now into secondary, tertiary or greater levels of repetition.  We really need to start hearing from the courts.

Let’s find another topic.

(Collective sigh of relief heard from many quarters.)


Facebook Department

My relationship with Facebook is one of love-hate.  Well, maybe like-hate.  Of course, Facebook has no idea of my ambivalence, and I’m sure could care less even if it did.  Nevertheless, its prudish censorship of my nudes — even when it is a nude to which I link and don’t upload directly to Facebook — grates.  So I found an article in yesterday’s NY Times, “Facebook Wrestles With Free Speech and Civility,” interesting and sympathetic to Facebook’s attempts to police the much more easily justifiably objectionable world of hate speech, personal attacks, and other matters that offend people for reasons other than prudery.


Selling My Books Department

Blurb notified me yesterday they are offering a $10 discount off orders totaling $29.95 or more.  It doesn’t have to be just my book(s), either.  So if you are interested in The Box or First …, this might be your best (and is certainly the last for 2010) chance to buy.  (First … is too inexpensive in any format to satisfy the $29.95 minimum, so you’d need to combine it with another book.)

How to take advantage:  if paying in U.S. dollars, enter “CHEER” as a coupon code; in pounds, “CHEER1″; in Euro, “CHEER2″; Canadian dollars, “CHEER3″; and if Australian dollars, “CHEER4″.

Blurb’s conditions:  “Offer valid through December 31, 2010 (11:59 p.m. local time) and is applied toward the product total only. Offer discount of US $10.00, GBP £6.00, EUR €8.00, CAD $11.00, or AUD $12.00 requires a minimum order of at least US $29.95, GBP £18.95, EUR €24.95, CAD $30.95, or AUD $35.95 shipped to one address. This offer is good for one-time use and cannot be combined with other promotional codes or used for adjustments on previous orders.



Oversaturated colors from our very recent session.

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