Meg & Josh 2-11

Quite a bit of snow this morning, from a steady snowfall that started yesterday noon.  This could be the snow cover that will last through the winter.

Read yesterday of a guy who got a refund on his non-refundable airline ticket by taking it up with his credit card company.  Worth a try.  I’ll be doing it later today.

Arranged for a sizable donation to the ACLU of Minnesota.  They can make better use of the money that can my alma mater.  I encourage all of you to donate to your state’s chapter.


Odds and Ends Department

Updates from the scan-or-grope world:

The reports received by the ACLU suggest there are several reasons people are not submitting complaints directly to the TSA. Some people said they did not know they could file a complaint with the TSA, and others said they thought it would be useless to communicate with an agency as large as the TSA. Some complainants reported that they had not filed a complaint with the TSA because they were afraid of being put on a watch list or otherwise retaliated against by the government. Large numbers of innocent Americans have been caught up by the government’s out-of-control watch list system.


Small Penis Department

Amusing Wikipedia entry — “the small penis rule.”


War on Photography Department

Two authority vs. photographers incidents, one in Times Square, the other in front of the White House.


Take the Train Department

Amtrak: A Less Creepy Alternative to TSA — powered by


Close to being problematic — close but no cigar.

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