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Continuing reportage on complaints against TSA and its new scanners and pat-down procedures.  Now The NY Times has picked it up, on its first Business Section page — which shows how The Times views the story’s significance.  First three paragraphs:

In the three weeks since the Transportation Security Administration began more aggressive pat-downs of passengers at airport security checkpoints, traveler complaints have poured in.

Some offer graphic accounts of genital contact, others tell of agents gawking or making inappropriate comments, and many express a general sense of powerlessness and humiliation. In general passengers are saying they are surprised by the intimacy of a physical search usually reserved for police encounters.  [Emphasis added.]

“I didn’t really expect her to touch my vagina through my pants,” said Kaya McLaren, an elementary schoolteacher from Cle Elum, Wash., who was patted down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last Saturday because the body scanner detected a tissue and a hair band in her pocket.

Meanwhile, I am engaged in rather intense introspection, attempting to discern why I personally am reacting so viscerally to this combination of peep-show technology and sexual-molestation groping.  More about this later.  One possible outcome:  I shall never fly again.


Silencing Government’s Critics Department

More on the case of Siobhan Reynolds, essentially recapping the high low points of the government’s suppression of her speech, and providing additional outrage.


ACLU Gets My Annual Charitable Giving Department

The ACLU has become very proactive on behalf of photographers’ rights over the past few months, first obtaining the favorable admission and settlement in NYC, and now the ACLU of the Nation’s Capital telling the D.C. police in no uncertain terms either correct your ways (and settle appropriately with the aggrieved photographer), or be prepared for a lawsuit.

Good for them!  Year-end charitable contributions I have previously given to my law school will this year go to our local ACLU chapter.  Since their work benefits all photographers, I encourage you to consider contributing to your local chapters, too.


Dealing With Cops Department

Huffington Post has published a guest column by Neill Franklin, a retired 33-year law enforcement veteran and former training commander with the Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police Department, and currently Executive Director, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), entitled “A Cop’s Advice on Dealing with Cops,” which includes a slideshow with ten pithy rules worth committing to memory.


Early Lauren.

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