Not much of note from here.  The temperatures have been uncommonly warm, even reaching the lower 60s.  They are expected to remain so half-way through this week, and will only descend to seasonable levels by next weekend.  Most leaves have already fallen and been collected, but we have two trees that hang on until the bitter end — the weather has been lying to them, and, being just stupid trees, they believed.  I think Mother Nature will collect on the debt by week’s end, however, and our lawn service guys will collect their last pre-snowfall paycheck by a final suck-up-leaves pass.

Last night was HBO’s TV premier of Avatar, which of course I had to watch.  Our cruise ship actually had it on an in-ship TV channel which I also sort-of watched near the end of the cruise, but the TV was small and normal analog.  Last night’s was digital, widescreen and HD — not quite like IMAX and 3D, but nice enough.  For all its shortcomings, for all its deficits, it is still a wondrous creation.

Watching that key scene where Jake tames and first flies an “Ikran” (the pterodactyl-like, near-dragon, flying banshees), I realized the debt Cameron owed, consciously or not, to Anne McCaffrey, author of the prolific “Dragonriders of Pern” sci-fi series, which was also predicated on a human-dragon mindmeld (first story was in 1967, and the series still continues).


She says she really likes high contrast B&W. Me, too.

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