I’m working on a diatribe taking on the Siobhan Reynolds First Amendment infringement matter, but it will have to wait.

Meanwhile, however, Afterimage Gallery has offered a bunch of Michael Massaia prints that are well worth considering.  Or at least looking at his work, rich platinum prints which I am sure may not adequately be portrayed online.  His subject is New York City, but a city none of us have ever seen, at least in quite this way.

Our extraordinarily warm weather continues.  So I’m in shirtsleeves for my walks around the lake.  My circuit yesterday included listening to a new album downloaded from iTunes, Jordi Savall‘s collection and amalgamation of Latin American and Spanish folk and classical musical traditions entitled El Mundo Nuevo (“The New World”) “that illuminates the extraordinary blending of musical cultures that occurred with the arrival of European explorers and conquerors. The album’s goal is to introduce the listener to extraordinary music that has been kept alive for centuries, often in regions remote from major towns and cities.”  Fascinating and really beautiful music.


Justice Denied Department

Some of you may have followed the case of Oscar Grant, who was killed by ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle.  Mehserle received a two year prison sentence for what some consider a cold-blooded murder, and not a few people think this to be a travesty of justice.  I won’t rehash the entire subject, which can be easily enough reviewed via Google, but Shawn Nee over at Boy With Grenade very appropriately pointed us to the powerful and insightful 1970s speech by William Kunstler regarding the myth of justice:

Think about this in light of the many wrongly convicted persons freed because of the Innocence Project, which did not exist at the time Kunstler spoke.


She is back modeling, having renewed her listing on MM.

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