Danielle in Color 8

All they could do is fire the guy?

My wife brought this one to my attention: a school teacher in a small Ohio community was fired for preaching his Christian beliefs to students and for burning the symbol of a cross on their arms. I guess branding “STUPID” on his forehead might have been going too far; at least one set of parents is suing, however.


If you’ve ever wondered about the experience of eating in the frenetic kettle of anxiety that is a high-end Manhattan restaurant, check out Dinner Rush, an entertaining mixture of cuisine, type-A culinary paranoia, crime and revenge, with not a few little twists.

I forgot to include it in my list of great “foodie” movies posted awhile back.


Movie I’m currently anticipating? Mamma Mia! Aside from my decidedly retro love of Abba, my nephew’s wife performs in the Broadway production. I am suspending skepticism as to how the music will translate directly to the screen, as opposed to providing atmosphere for wonderful movies such as Priscilla Queen of the Desert or Muriel’s Wedding. Priscilla remains one of those miraculous movies that never should have been made, never should have succeeded, and would be one of the last you’d expect to become a modern classic. I mean, who would believe you could get Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce to join forces as drag queens in the Australian outback? And pull it off?!?

Speaking of movies, our local multiplex has pulled a switcheroo on us. Last time we went (two days ago), I asked for our usual “senior discount”-priced tickets. “Not available,” said the ticket guy. They no longer offer the senior discount. What? No, now it’s $5 and change on weekends for shows before 4 p.m. and for all weekday shows. Otherwise, $10. Add to that the incredible shrinking popcorn bag, and I’ve found another candidate for flim flam company of the year.


From the color segment of a bifurcated session with Danielle. An object lesson in the value of throwing tattoos out of focus.

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