Guess Where They Stand

Amanda Reclines

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I encountered a couple recently who I think typifies this country’s current lines of demarcation.  Based on a simple comment:  The woman allowed how for her mother’s 95th birthday in 2005 she requested and received one of those “special” letters from the President.  This year her mom reached one hundred, and she decided not to get a letter, “not from this President,” as she put it.

Now, you can read that several different ways, but it seems to me that by not getting it “from this President” she was more interested in making a political (or racial) statement than in doing something special for her mom.

People sometimes can be really pissy.

(The couple was from Anchorage, Alaska.  Does that provide a hint?)


Beautiful gal.

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3 Responses to Guess Where They Stand

  1. Rob Rogers says:

    I have an uncle who in ’94 with 20 years served in the Navy decided to reinlist for 4 more because “I will not have that President’s signature hanging on my wall” (referring to his Navy Retirement Letter.)

    (He gave in when it came time to re-up in ’98)

  2. Scott says:

    Just another thought…….

    Giving this woman the benefit of the doubt, one should not assume that the problem is with the woman but perhaps it is more likely with her mother. One theory you should consider is that the daughter merely didn’t want to upset her mother with a African American signature. Racism would not allow her(mother) to see him as the President but merely a black mans that wasn’t even born here.

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