So, Dear Readers …

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[Postings for the next few weeks may be sporadic or abbreviated.]

… who among you is my personal FBI informant?

I ask this in light of the recent discovery that the esteemed civil rights photographer, who took several nearly iconic photos of events and personalities of the Civil Rights Era, has been unmasked as an FBI informant.  Read about it in The NY Times.

I want one.  I want my own FBI informant.  It would validate that what I’m doing and saying is worthwhile.


Meanwhile, Justice Denied Department

We can’t seem to escape the fact that a lot of innocent people go to jail.  Probably a small percentage of the overall prison population, but far more than should be comfortable for any of us.

Latest evidence:  a study that has disclosed, for example, that more than 40 people confessed to crimes they didn’t commit and went to jail as a consequence.  They have since been exonerated based on DNA evidence.

Of the exonerated defendants in the Garrett study, 26 — more than half — were “mentally disabled,” under 18 at the time or both. Most were subjected to lengthy, high-pressure interrogations, and none had a lawyer present. Thirteen of them were taken to the crime scene.

That Fifth Amendment sounds better and better all the time.


A photo taken immediately before Samantha’s extraordinary “Crescent.”

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  1. DaveP says:

    *FBI* informant? Nope, that’s not me. :)

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