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Avatar Again Department

Avatar is out in a re-release, as a “director’s cut” with an additional eight minutes.  I went, my fourth time around with this movie.  Those anticipating a steamy Na’vi sex scene will be pretty much disappointed — Na’vi sex is about as exciting as what Tahnee Welch did to Steve Gutenberg in Cocoon.  Nevertheless, some other added scenes filled in some narratives and were definitely more than just fluff; one in fact added a highly emotional conclusion to a story line left hanging in the original flick.  (This will apparently be the version released on DVD in November.)

One pre-feature treat, however, was a sneak peak at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.  Looks pretty good:


NPR Jumps In Department

National Public Radio news has added its two-cents concerning the arrest of a Chicago artist on felony charges of making an audio recording of police.  And other instances involving controversial applications of similar laws.  Worth checking out if you are a newcomer to this controversy.

And, while we’re on the subject, check out this article decrying such arrests, written by cop.


Cops Worst Enemies are … Themselves Department

Stumble and fall and hurt yourself.  Call 911.  Paramedics arrive, treat you and leave. Somewhere along the line you say, “if I had a gun, I’d shoot myself in the head.”  Cops arrive, enter your house without permission or a warrant, tell you they learned of your statement and want to take you to the hospital for a psych evaluation.  You refuse.  They tase you.

Sound right to you?  The cops have been sued.  No surprise there.

And then there’s this story of a man executed for whittling in public.


For Pleasure Department

If you’ve not seen (or heard) Jackie Evancho, take a gander at this clip from “America’s Got Talent” showcasing the 10-year-old mezzo soprano singing Puccini’s “O Mio Babino Caro.”  (Skip to about 1:40 to see the performance.)  Pretty amazing.


Another one-time session, with this beautiful gal from the West Indies.

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