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The Ansel Worm Turns Department

It appears that not everyone who certified those increasingly-likely bogus Ansel Adams negatives is now quite so sure.  One expert has now concluded that, as previously reported, prints from some of the negatives should more properly be attributed to one Earl Brooks.  Of course, the negatives’ owner and his representatives are fighting to the last gasp:  “It is very likely,” [an attorney for the negatives' owner] said, “that Ansel Adams made the negative and created the Brooks prints.”  Yeah, sure.


Strange Humor Department

If you are physics illiterate, you may not appreciate these jokes.  If you are not, however, like me you may be reduced to uncontrollable giggles by some of them.  This, for example, had me ROTFLMAO:

To get to the other side.

Why did the tachyon cross the road?

Not for everyone.  I’m strange that way.


Chronic Pain Department

After a couple pain-free hours my leg began hurting again when I stood in the kitchen making dinner.  That was the Novocain wearing off.  I passed the night, however, pain free and am without pain this morning, which I guess may be attributed to the steroids.  Something else attributable to the steroids:  Major Insomnia! — I didn’t fall asleep until 6 a.m.

Today will be Stress Test #1:  regular activity.  Thursday will be Stress Test #2:  a walk around the lake.  Friday will be ST#3:  Photography at the State Fair, assuming ST#s 1&2 went well.

Thanks to everyone who commented with a kid word of support.  Much appreciated.  It’s always better, however, to provide no reason for people to be caring and solicitous of one’s health, much as the sentiments are good for the soul.


Foot Long Perfection Department

No, I’m not referring to foot-long hot dogs, a staple of State Fair attendees.  (I hope to have one of those Friday.)  Last night for dinner we had a store-bought and -prepared “rotisserie chicken” with fresh corn on the cob.  Now the chicken was delicious, as expected, but that corn was out of this world!  If anyone out there (I would expect many among my foreign readers are included) has not experienced the orgasmic pleasure of really, really fresh sweet corn on the cob, I invite you to visit us this time next year.  Imagine corn kernels small, tender, very sweet, and perfect even without butter and salt.  Your teeth barely need to bite to spring the kernels loose onto your tongue, and eventually your mouth fills with this flavor that may definitely be compared to sex.


Modern Anthropological View of Porn Department

Speaking of sex.

Back in Blog 1.0 (then titled “Magic Flute Fine Art Nudes” and the source for me of great pleasure and great frustration — see “Disappeared by Google” above), I introduced readers to The Conflicted Existence of a Female Porn Writer. Well, Lynsey G. is still writing, adding a new entry every so often.  Her latest, “Am I Just a Pervert,” is as good as the rest of them.  Worth reading whether you are a pro-, anti-, get-off-on- or just sometimes-guiltily-enjoying-it-like-the-rest-of-us-porn person.


Good Movie Department

The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Really hit most of my chickflick buttons, and a few on the sci-fi time travel paradox, too.  Remind me to speak of time travel paradoxes sometime.

Now I must read the book.


A one-time session with some good stuff.

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